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After downloading the plugin , simple copy the file spherepoint.hxt into the HXT directory your A:M installation .The plugin is only just for fun , and therefor raises far no claim to completness or accuracy, however it is freeware .


In the a:m forum I have read a question about distributing points on a sphere from goodfrey . I found that is a problem , which are very interesting for me . So I have played with some solutions for this , and make this plugin just for fun for me .
In this plugin, I have implemented 2 solutions.
-Electrical Repulse
calculates distribution of points on sphere, which gives a minimum to 1/r potential energy
very fast , but not exact
electric repulse
Demonstrationmovie for this solution, the biggest changes are only at the begin from the calculation

-Brute force
implemented with the closed point method (moving the closed points on the sphere , until the difference becomes no longer smaller)
slow, but exacter results
Brute force1
Demonstrationsmovie for this method

There are also other solutions for this problem , more you can find here and here .


Select a named group in the modelling mode and than RMB->Plug-ins->Wizards->Points on sphere starts the plugin .
The group should be independent , and have a small patch count, because she would duplicated and the duplicates would moved at the succesfully end from th plugin .
(number of patches = patchcount selected group * number of points)

Explanation concerning the individual dialogue elements
Some statusfield, they would be updated at the calculation

Here a finished example (Projectfile)
The small yellow sphere in the center, is the group, which was duplicated .

Points 256, Radius 50, Iterationfaktor 50, Brute force
Points 16, Radius 50, Iterationfaktor 1500, Brute force

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