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After downloading the plugin, simple copy the fileinto the HXT directory your A:M installation .
The plugin works only from version 9.5 or higher . Should you already have installed a previous version of this plugin , please delete the file feather.hxt .
With this version , I have changed the name, because feather was quite misleadingly ...
And to get straight immediately around it, the plugin is not mean as a substitute or even competitionfor the integrated springsystem .
The plugin was originally designed as a working relief for me, and therefor raises far no claim to completeness or accuracy, however it is freeware .

User interface

After the start of the plugin in the chor or actionmodus,with RMB->Plug-ins->Wizards->Spring on the selected model, you see above user interface before Yourselves ,if the model have a working bonesetup . The bonesetup can be most simple produced with the Primitive Plugin , alternatively can You do this naturally by hand if one liked to animate, for example, another model then spring with the plugin (see Examples).
Bone setup for this Plugin must have the following structure (apart from that you will harvest only a mistake message ...)
And the last figure is always the number of the feather, importantly if several springs exist in the same model.
FMaster_ is the rootbone of the spring
FAttach_x_ are the bones in a model can be suspended to resonate
FSDummy_ serves actually only to hide bones for the separate segments (this can become namely many)
FS_0001_ are the bones which animate the separate segments of the spring
Near the FMaster at least 2 segmentbones (FS_xxxx_x) must still exist, so that bonesetup than correctly is recognized.

Here two examples
Model with one spring
Model with several springs
mehrere Federn

The units of the Plugins change, depending on what you have put under Options into A:M. If you work with centimeter or meter, the metric SI system of weight and feather constant is used, you should work with Inch and Feet, the corresponding american units (lb and lb.ft) are used.
You must not take care of the conversion that the plugin takes over of course for You:-). The same is considered naturally also to the unit of time (SMTP, Frames, Cel) with that you work.
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If we come now to the most important which parameters I give where, and how they have an effect...

The separate parameter groups

Spring parameter

Is to be noted here that with the input fields weight, weight deflection and spring constant only 2 from 3 possible parameters are needed, the plugin from both other calculates for the 3rd parameter.
For spring constant and damping constant is considered, also comes trying by one to the aim ...:-)

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attached model at
Here it is selected in which FAttach_x the model who should take part the feather movement, is suspended And here with proper safety still the indication is attached that the whole one not only in the Y direction functions, rather it is same in which axis the feather was turned, besides, importantly is only which is turned that bonesetup together with the Controlpoints assigned to the Bones. How this goes, has DeeJay in the Thread Gruppe mit Bones verschieben explained to me again.

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With use of Calculate it is calculated, when the spring ended here oscillation. However, this is calculated only approximately, because one movements less than 0.001 cm any more can not perceive (and the Plugin calculates at still essentially more places behind the comma exactly, but as said what (I) did not hold for any more perceptibly, is cut off, the exact time when it, really, has ended oscillation is approx. 16x of the end time (dependent on spring constant, deflection and damping)) You can give with Begin at, when the simulation should begin, then in this time End at is also shifted (besides, Calculate is considered always beautifully operate Calculate ..., besides deactivate stop at endtime), and if you mean that the spring should not swing kindly so long, you can also give the End at time, then the keyframes are produced for the feather only up to this time (however, the end time must be more largely than the beginning time, apart from that the calculated time is applied). With Begin at more largely 0 (zeros), the extract of the spring can be also simulated, let the input field extra deflection on 0 (zeros) for it simply and for the Begin at time which put down time which is indicated in Period in.

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more than one spring in the model
mehrere federn
Only activates if more than one bonesetup was found for springs in the model (see Example3).

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