Plugin Smooth


After downloading the plugin , simple copy the file smooth.hxt into the HXT directory your desired A:M installation . The plugin was originally designed as a working relief for me, and therefor raises far no claim to completeness or accuracy, however it is freeware .


This plugin is designed to smooth splines . To do this for, each spline to helpsplines are calculated (see also the picture).
It can be used for a single spline ,but also for a group of splines.


To start this plugin it is nessecary , that you select a named group (temporaly groups are not working) in the pws . Then start the plugin with RMB->Plug-ins->Wizards->Smooth .

Lock single axis
You can lock single axis, that means, the cp's will not move it in this axis . Only 2 axis can be locked at the same time .
With this option you can select , how often the same spline will be smoothed with the described way . Look at the example .
If this checkbox activated, the spline will smoothed only the half of recurse 1 . Look at picture above. It is only avaible if recurse = 1.
If this checkbox activated , the plugin does the operation for the complete spline, where the selected cp's lie's . Otherwise only the selected cp's on the spline are smoothed . But there must be 4 or more cp's on the same spline selected.
Only avaible if cp's on different splines selected..
In conjunction with the next option , it steers , what the plugin should do.
all splines splines with Result
not checked
not checked
only the spline with the most selected cp's are smoothed
not checked
only selected cp's on all splines are smoothed , if less than 4 cp's at one spline selected , the complet spline is smoothed
not checked
only splines with at least number cp's in the inputfield will be smoothed
spline with xx cps
Only avaible if cp's on different splines are selected.
Only splines smoothed with at least number of cp's.
- If you work with selected cp's (complete spline not checked), only the segment (or more segments) , with a minimum of 4 sequenced cp's are smoothed .
at one spline are in the same selected group
(g1) CP1,CP2,CP3,CP4
(g2) CP6,CP7
(g3) CP10,CP11,CP12,CP13,CP14
only the segment g1 and g3 smoothed , both however separately treats.

Here a example , how the curvature are changed, in dependence with the number of recursions . (Projectfile )
example (animated gif)




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