Plugin TimeLog


After downloading the plugin , simple copy the file timelog.hxt into the HXT directory your A:M installation . The plugin works only with A:M V13c and higher versions.
The plugin was originally designed as a working relief for me , and therefor raises far no claim to completeness or accuracy, however it is freeware.


This plugin logging the time you are working on a project , and save this in a csv formatet file .


If you are using the plugin "AutoSave" too , be sure that you have installed also the latest version . At minimum V0.3 for both plugins (dated from 07.04.2007) is needed , otherwise both plugins won't work .


The plugin add properties to each project , with them you can steer the behavior for the plugin .


Propertiename Defaultvalue Description
Enable Logging OFF with this properties you can enable/disable the logging for the specific project
Override Threshold while rendering OFF If you are rendering a project ,the inactivity timer (Threshold) stop logging the time for this project , because , while you are rendering , you cannot do anything in A:M . With this propertie , you can override this behavior and add the rendertime to the time you are working on this project
Threshold Time 5 This is the time in minutes , after them the logging is stopped, if there is no user activity detected.
Values between 1 minute and 60 minutes possible
Save log every 30 Time in minutes , after there the logfile is updated.
Values between 5 minutes and 1440 minutes (24 hours) possible
Logfile TimeLog.csv With this properties you can select a specific logfile for this project . As default a file TimeLog.csv in the A:M main directory is created

The logfile is in csv format , like this

F:\AM_Projekte\Plugin_test\surface\Project1_tl.prj,Sun Jul 23 12:21:39 2006,Sun Jul 23 12:27:48 2006,6

The single entries are

A new entry in the logfile is created in this situations
When the logfile must be written (the timer for Save log every ran off) and the Projectname and Starttime is the same , the logfileentry is updated, no new entry is written in this case .


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