Plugin Brick

Have (re)found the brick plugin now.
Start it from the chor , select in the plugindialog the model to import

 More description can be found at the hash forum


which model should be used for the wall
how many rows
how many columns at each row
space x direction
space y direction
extra space between imported models
Z axis position on which Z position the wall should be build
scale edges both outer models in uneven rows are scaled in x to 50%
Add to Userfolders
Create a folder at tail of the actual chor and add the imported models into this folder (organized in subfolders)
Apply Bullet Constraint Applies a Bullet Constraint to each instaced model, with the given properties.
If "Calculate Weight" is checked , the value for "Weight" is ignored , instead the weight is calculated from the density and model volume . Makes sense, if models are scaled (scale edges).

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