Plugin Simple Scatter


Nothing todo, it comes with the actual A:M distribution .
The plugin was originally only meant as faciltation of work for me and lays therefore by far no claim on completeness or accuracy.


With this plugin you can place a number of copies from one model on a target model. the imported models are randomly placed on the model or group where the plugin is started from .
To start the plugin select a model or one of his groups in a chor , then RMB->Plugins->Simple Scatter .
If the plugin isn't started from the frontview , it changes the view to frontview.


the target model
Model to import
which model should be imported
Number of copies
how many we import this model .
The imported models are randomly placed in the boundingbox from the selected target model/group.
It can be that lesser models where imported, when the boundingboxes from the imported models are colliding while randomly placed
If the desired checkbox is activated , then the model will be randomly rotated in the value range
If the desired checkbox is activated , then the model will be randomly scaled in the value range
Apply Bullet Constraint Applies a Bullet Constraint to each instaced model, with the given properties.
If "Calculate Weight" is checked , the value for "Weight" is ignored , instead the weight is calculated from the density and model volume . Makes sense, if models are scaled.

Here a example, where you can see also a problem when using the plugin Download the projectfile
In this project first the palm trees are placed on the group area3 , after this the cacteen are placed on group area2 . While there are two palm trees in area2, the cacteen cannot reach the ground and now sitting in the top of the palm trees :-), The same problem occurs if you had a terrain and the "ground" is still in the chor . If the terrain in the Y-axis lower the ground , the models are placed on the ground.


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