Plugin Midi

General information

After downloading the plugin simple copy the file Midi.hxt into the HXT directory of your A:M installation..
The plugin was originally only meant as faciltation of work for me and lays therefore by far no claim on completeness or accuracy, however it is free ware.

User interface

After the start of the plugin in the choreography mode, with RMB->Plug-ins->Wizards->Midi on the selected propertie of a model/light/material , and after selection of the desired midifile see to her as a function of the type of the propertie the following user surface before you.

StartCall of the plugin by the example the diffuse color properties from a model
Gui_1User interface with selection a float,int,rotate or percent propertie
gui_colorUser interface with selection of a colorgradient propertie
Gui_boolUser interface with selection of a boolpropertie

If the plugin should not be present in the selection list, examined please whether the hxt path for plugins is under options correctly set.
A chracteristic applies to consider it, if the plugin should steered poses. The selection of a pose csan take place either by means of direct selection unde Userproperties or to start the plugin with selected model. A selection in the posewindows does not work correct !

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The plugin is meant in addition with the help of a midifile to steering properties of a choreographyobject as a function of the note height or volume. The midiformat 0 and 1 is supported . At properties become except string (ShortCut to) and timeproperties (PathConstraint.Lag,Chor Range and so one) everythings supports .

Come we now to the most important things, which parameter do what...

trackWith this listbox can you select the desired track from the midifile. If the midifile are in the format 0 the selection is not possible, then the plugin works with the entire midifile. With the button "View" you get a overview about the notes/volume for the selected track and the matching to the frames.

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Control Value (Midi)

With this selection, the properties by the notes, those beginning in the left listbox selected to including the note in the right listbox selected, steered.
The notes below and above the selection are not considered.
The lowest note is C1 , the highest note E1 , its a percentproperty (e.g. intensity form a light) , the lowest propertievalue is 0% and the highest propertievalue 100% ,then the allocation for the individual notes looks as follow
With notes below C1, above E1 as well as blank characters the propertie gets 0% assigned.
Note match
This means that only one note the propertie steered. if the note is set the propertie becomes the high value otherwise the minimum value.
This kind of the control is it possible to affect with the help of the in and out value (in frames), how quickly the rise/waste from the lowest to the highest value.
The smallest value for both is 1 frame
The highest value for both is 100 frames
For the illustration of using in/out two example pictures
In 1 Out 1
In 4 Out 2

The propertie is steered as a function of the volume from the track or file, whereby with it the absolut volume is meant.
The range of values lies between 0 and 127, according to the midifileformat specifications.
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If thi checkbox hold is activated, so the note will be hold for the specified frames after the note on event occurs. This is helpful, if the note on event and the note off event lies in the same frame (the midifile has a higher precision as the plugin) .
Smallest value with activated hold 1 frame
Largest value with activated hold 100 frames
If the checkbox hold is activated, still the checkbox force is offered for the selection .If force is activated then then the respective note is limited to the length of the frames, which are specified in the input field.
In the above example this means
Note is shorter the 4 frames -> note is stretched to 4 frames
Note is longer than 4 frames -> note is shortened to 4 frames beginning by the note on event
Both actions are accomplished before the calculation of the in/out values !
Note length is shorter then 1 frame
offHold deactivates
1FrameHold activates , 1frame
4FramesHold activates, 4 frames
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Propertie ValueAs a function of the type of the selected propertie, there are different options.
Propertie of the type float,eulerfloat (rotateproperties),integer and percent
Production of the keyframes as a function of with Reduce Channel CP's selected method
Propertie of the type type colorgradient
The two buttons open a dialog for the color selection.
Production of the keyframes as a function of with Reduce Channel CP's selected method
Propertie of the type bool (Activate and so on)
Only keyframes are produced, if the value is changed.
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Reduce ChannelCP'sreduce
This selection is only possible if as control calue note or volume were selected and the type of the propertie is not bool .
reduce_noneFor each frame a keyframe is produced
reduce_splineBefore and after each change of value 2 keyframes are produced
A possibly existing driver for the propertie is deleted before setting the keyframes !
reduce_linearBefore and after each change of value 1 keyframes are produced. It is advisable to change here the interpolationmethod fpr the driver to linear
A possibly existing driver for the propertie is deleted before setting the keyframes !

after_driver_changeAfter changing the interpolationmethod to linear
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Add Value
If this checkbox is activated, the value becomes the propertie concerned the time 0 the choreography has, the smallest and largest value adds.
Value at the time 0
50 %
smallest value
0 %
largest value
100 %
resulting range of values 0 % bis 150 %
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Here only some informations is indicated to the plugin, in addition have you the possibility to send email directly or looking for new updates .
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