Plugin Splitpatch


After downloading the plugin , simple copy the file splitpatch.hxt into the HXT directory your A:M installation . The plugin was originally designed as a working relief for me, and therefor raises far no claim to completeness or accuracy, however it is freeware .


This plugin is intented to subdivide one or more selected patches from a model . I try to preserve the originalform for this model, but this fails in some situations , because I don't change the bias values for the affected cp's.
This plugin works well with 3,4 and 5Pointpatches , but not with patches they are builded through hooks.


Before you can start the plugin , you must have selected one or more patches (best way is to create a named group temporarly) and select this group in the pws . Then RMB-Plug-ins->Wizards->Splitpatch starts the plugin .

none Create none cp's at the connectionpoints on the modelsplines, create only the new cp's and splines
noneFor a better view, the created splines are moved in this picture.
insert Create new cp's at splinemid from the selected patches, but dont connect them with the created splines.
insertFor a better view, the created splines are moved in this picture.
insert and connect Create and connect the cp's at the splinemiddlepoint with the newly created cp's . Hereby the plugin create holes , which are must closed with 5pointpatches ore hooks by hand.

If in the selected patchgroup , one or more patches, they are builded with hooks (or other problems occur), the dialog on the left side will be displayed .The given patchid can be used to examinate the patch . For a rapid finding this patch you can use Select , where you must select patch and type the patchid in the correspondending fields (in this example PatchID1 4,PatchID2 28,PatchID3 19, PatchID4 11,PatchID5 0)





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