Plugin Select


After downloading the plugin, simple copy the file select.hxt into the HXT directory your A:M installation .
The plugin was originally designed as a working relief for me, and therefor raises far no claim to completeness or accuracy, however it is freeware .


This plugin is designed to simple select a single cp, patch (after it's ids), or all 5 pointpatches or patches, they are builded with hooks.
Formerly it was only a helperplugin for Splitpatch .


Start the plugin with RMB->Plug-ins->Wizards->Select with a selected model.

selected Type
With this you can
  • the single cp
  • the whole spline where this cp lies (if "entire spline" is selected)
  • the patches along the spline where this cp lies
select. Put in the entry field the ID from the interested CP , the same as the cp number in the pws
(all samples are make with the "Thom" model from the A:M cd)
CP #900 with " select whole spline" selected
The PatchID's get you at this time only from the plugin splitpatch (this war also the main reason for this plugin ,
while splitpatch cannot handle at this time 5point and hooked patches)
select3PatchID's 1251 1360 1258 1492
all five point patches
If this option is select, all 5point patches from this model where selected.
all patches with hooks
If this option is selected , all patches they are build with hooks are selected
5Point and hooked
The above two options combined
patches with false normals (experimental)
The plugin trys (thats why experimental) to detect and select patches , where the normal direction is opposite to their neighbors. This works in the most cases , but in some special cases it's failed .
Such a special case is as example a cube , or other models where the neighbor patches are turned 90 degrees or more to the patch, there is observed. But as I have said, in most cases this works and reduce the time to finding false normals dramaticly. (Test it with the thom model from the cd (has 2 false normals ...) and for special cases a cube created with primitive)
For the decision , if the normal is false or not , I compare the normals from the (at 4 point patches) 8 adjacent patches with the normal from this patch , if the number of normals in the opposite direction higher , then the patch will be selected (marked as false normals)
normalsC is the patch, at which the normal is checked
view dependent with this option you can select patches , where the normals are looking in the direction , which you have select in the listbox
while a normal looks only in some special case straight forward in one direction (as example normal vector 0,1,0 -> normal looks only in the y+ axis direction) , you can also input a direction tolerance , a patch with a value equal or higher the value in this entry field will be selected




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